Saturday, September 25, 2010


The first cloaked man I met entered the room this morning with another man, one I don't think I've had the pleasure of staring me down. He wore one of those plague doctors masks on his face, a top hat on his head and Victorian looking clothing. He carried an antique leather bag that was filled with doctor's instruments.

He took me by the arm and sat me on the bed. Just like a real doctor, he went through a full physical. He even cracked a few jokes, one about a cannibal and the other a blond joke. None of which were funny, especially not in his raspy, haunting voice. Then he preformed a physical on Anita. When he was done he shook his head at the cloaked man and they both left.

Later on I asked Anita if there was anything she thought he might find wrong with her. She said to me, "The doctor told my mommy I have arithma."

At first I thought she meant asthma and asked her if that was what she meant. She said no and I thought some more. Then it hit me. "Do you mean arrhythmia?" And she confirmed this.

"Sometimes I get weird flutters in my heart. They don't bother me, they just feel weird, but they worry mommy."

That must have been what the doctor shook his head over. At the moment he held the stethoscope up to her heart, the heart must have beat in an odd fashion.

But I'm still trying to figure out why there was a physical. I highly doubt that demon or the cloaked men care for our well being.

I don't like this.

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