Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Fear comes in the form of a sharp dressed monster. When I awoke this morning, it was standing over me, looking down. Like the younger cloaked man, he seemed curious, even thought there was no face to be seen.

He (I take it this monster is male. It wears a suit similar to the one the mortician who came around the hospital to pick up bodies from the morgue) is about 8 feet tall, although sometimes he seems taller, it's arms and legs are long and thin like his body. His skin is as white as that of the cloaked men.

I looked up at him from my pillow. I wanted to scream but for some reason I couldn't. Then he picked me up from the bed (He's so strong for such a skinny and frail looking creature) and sprouted another arm. He put this extra hand on my forehead and did something. Something I wish I could forget.

He planted memories into my head. Memories from all kinds of people. Some were children, some were teens, some were full grown adults. All the memories were alike. The person was afraid. Paranoid. They saw this demon no one else could and it drove them insane. The memories ended in different ways. Some people committed suicide, others went into hiding and others went missing. The demon took them.

I screamed and the demon put me down and left. Why did he want me to see this? What plans do these people have for me? And where are the people this demon made go missing? Did the end up like me?

What's going to happen to me?

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