Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Up until now I've been anal about not breaking character, but now I believe I owe it to the few fans this blog has.

I know the story has taken a boring turn and I'm sorry. I tried to keep this going as long as I can to give me something to do but at the moment some things have come up and I can't work on the story or post as often as I'd like.

I'd like to thank everyone who has been reading, all my followers of the blog and twitter and all those who read but haven't followed. You've been great. I also like to thank whoever posted links to HIALR on 4chan's /x/. When I first saw a post about it shat a brick wall of joy. :D

Ok time to give this blog back to Alexa! Bye bye! <3

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I named James without introducing him to you all.

James is Jason and Lilly's nephew. He's you're typical over emotional goth kid. He's staying with us for a while. And he's in a band. Yeah. :\


Thing have been weird. Time skips and I don't know where it goes. One minuet I'm washing dishes, the next it's three days later and I'm out on the porch listening to James and his band play out in the garage.

I'm confused.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I was out walking around the large yard with Budders when the big teddy bear ran away from me and a few minuets later came back with my purse. I thought it was left somewhere in Delaware. Usually I leave it in my suit case but the day after Jason and Lilly found me, I found my suit case near the spot where I was dumped and my purse was gone.

In it were my usual things and one very big thing I only saw once before. It's one of Dante's sketchbooks, a newer one. In it is the little doodles of girls he's killed. I took some photos since there's no scanner here, but they're low quality because I took them with Lilly's camera phone.

The Cover.

The inside cover. (He had some fruity handwriting.)

First page.

Second page.

Third page. "My" page.

Fourth page. Oh, look who it is...

Fifth page and the last. The rest are blank. It's me wrapped up in a sheet... A bloody sheet... And I'm dead.... :\