Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Lord,

I've been a faithful servant of yours since I was five years old and had my sins washed away in the Shenandoah River. I've gone to church every Sunday since except those few months I was in the hospital with a shattered leg or when I had very contagious illnesses. When I was 16 I went to 3rd world countries to help the less fortunate and preach your word.

Now, as a faithful servant, I'm on my knees begging to know why I'd be subject to such a prison. Why I've been taken hostage by a demon and his follower. Is this a punishment? Did I sin so badly that I should be subject to mental torture? Or is this a test of faith?

My Lord, I choose to believe you're testing me, and I except this test. I will not loose faith in you. No matter what the demon and his followers do.

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