Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Escape was so close. So damn close.

On the last entry, I said that might be the last post I ever make. That's because last night I tried to escape. I couldn't take it anymore. I figured, if I make it, I'd post one last thing when I'm out in the free world to let everyone know I'm alive and free. If I was killed for trying to escape, well, it would be rude to leave you all hanging.

Well, I didn't make it, and they haven't killed me... Yet.

When the younger man came to give me my lunch, I played nice. I met him at the stairs and said, "I'm so sorry. It's this room. I'm getting cabin fever. I'm going insane. Will you forgive me?" I held my arms out for a hug and and accepted the hug and for all I know, the apology.

That was the trap.

I kicked him where it hurts, sent him falling to the ground and ran up the stairs. They almost always leave the door open when they bring me my food, so I bolted out.

But God, this place is a maze. I think it was some sort of factory at one point. It has that feeling to it. But there are so many walls. So many doors leading to nothing. A few of the cloaked men caught up with me, along with that plague doctor. The cloaked men held me while the doctor injected something into my arm.

Right before I passed out, the doctor said, "My dear, you are in a lot of trouble. He won't like this."

Then I woke up in this room. This prison.

God, I feel so weird. Not scared, but I have this horrible feeling something bad is going to happen.

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