Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I got her to talk.

Her name is Anita. She's 7 years old, from Watertown, Wisconsin.

She was at her friends house when they decided to go for a walk out in the woods behind the friends house. Half way in they started to feel weird. Scared. They took off running toward the house but got lost. She says a tall, scary man grabbed her and all of a sudden she was here.

She said, while she was in his arms, she saw things. The same things the demon showed me.

What kind of sick monster is this? Children are the very meaning of innocence. Only the ungodly messenger of Satan would put such a sweet girl through such a thing. I know that no person is born without sin, but no sin a child could commit is worth this punishment.

I'm sorry, Lord, but I no longer believe this is a test. If this is not punishment, then I have to wonder why you would allow Anita and I to be taken hostage by such a beast. Are you even listening? Do you care?


  1. I spent some time at a Boys home in Amburg, Wisconsin. The houseparents there had a baby girl named Anita, and they were from Waterton. This was years ago, but shortly after I left, they moved back home and seemed to drop off the map. I don't know if it's connected, but when I read 'Waterton' the memory of that place flooded back.
    I remember when Anita started walking...

  2. Dude.
    The above comment coupled with the entry made me shit brix.
    Nicely done.