Saturday, October 23, 2010


This morning I was taken to the children. Not by the demon or any of the cloaked men, but by the plague doctor. At first I was very reluctant but he put an arm around my shoulders and said to me "Those children miss you very much. It would be extremely selfish if you didn't visit them once in a while."

So I went with him. We talked on the slow walk to the read door. He's intelligent and sort of grandfatherly. I noticed his raspy voice has a slight British accent. I like listening to him talk. I wish I saw more of him than anyone else in this hell, even if that mask creeps me out.

When we got to the door he told me he'd be back in a few hours to walk me back to my room. When I opened the door, the children all rushed over and hugged me. I told stories and play some games with them, like last time, and around what must have been 5:00 they started getting tired, so I saw this as an opportunity to take fredarvizu's advise.

First I asked Krissy. She says she's 4 but I asked her what year she was born and she thought for a moment then said 1920.

Then I asked Annabell. She told me, in her very formal tone, 1895. She claims to be 10.

Johnny and Edgar are 12 and 14 year old brothers 1976 and 1978 who were named after musicians from a time long before me. (I've never actually heard of them) They said they don't remember how they know that because they don't know who those musicians are either.

Tyree and Tyrone claim to be 15, but they say they were born the same year as me.

Those are a few anyway. I had them all tell me when they were born but I can't remember them all now. They're all stuck in time.

Again before I left, they called me mommy and I tried my hardest not to cry, at least not around them and I succeeded. I cried outside the door and the doctor tried to comfort me.

I've got to stop this crying thing.


  1. The Plague Doctor seems like someone you could get answers out of. Bide your time and be patient.

  2. You say that like crying's a bad thing. If you're still crying, you're still feeling, and as long as you're feeling, you're not numb, which is the last thing you need to be here. Stay strong.

  3. I suggest you watch TribeTwelve. They give some background on 'the Demon' and they show what he's capable of. Have you considered asking an online paranormal board?

  4. I am glad that you got to see the children today. I think they depend on you.

    You are very strong, my dear. We are all rooting for you.