Thursday, October 7, 2010


A few days ago I finally looked at the comments and a person commented telling me to look up a monster called Slenderman. I did. There were pictures, and even if they were photoshopped, they were exactly what the demon looks like.

Since then I've been reading very article on ever website I can find about him. I've even watched various videos about him. Marble Hornets, Tribe 12 and EverymanHybrid. Every place I look acts like it's a game. That he's fake, make up.

But he's not.

The demon that matches perfectly to the Slenderman. Tall, long arms and legs, I've seen him sprout extra limbs (although I haven't seen any tentacles or spider like legs sprout from his back), no face and the suit.

In all this stuff about him online, I refuse to believe that there's no one out there who knows he's real. There has to be at least one other person.

And Garcian, you're right. Please pray for me. I've been praying but I feel like God isn't listening...


  1. God is always listening, but you must meet him half way. You must have the strength to fulfill the wishes you ask of him. Through your own strength and faith in him, they will come true.

    You just can't rely on asking God for a way out alone. You must make what you ask of him true to yourself and make it possible.

  2. I wouldn't rely on any god, no offense. After following this blog intently, I've begun digging into this 'slenderman' thing, and holy cow, this is alot deeper than i thought. I'll pass along any info i can get that you might not already know.

    I need to learn more...