Monday, January 31, 2011

The Man Who Killed Me

I just got done reading all the way through the saved MSN convo between Ash and the man who killed me.

His name was Dante. He was 21 and was fucking insane.

He told Ash that he was a schizo and lived with his grandmother ever since his father went insane and killed his mother then himself. He also told Ash that he killed me to protect me. He had her hanging on his every word.

The truth is, this Dante was a disgusting piece of shit.

He told his family that mom and dad left him alone in the middle of the night around the age of 13. Said they just up and left him alone. The truth is, Dante lived on his parent's farm in New Jersey. One day he just snapped. He killed them both then threw their bodies in a wood chipper Fargo style, put a bag at the end where the shit flew out and dumped it in the pig's feeding troth. (sp?) Whatever was left was burned over and over until it was just ash, found a way to crush whatever bones were left and spread the remains in a river.

He was sent to live with his grandmother, the only person who would take in his weird ass. All his other family thought he was a creep and they thought the same about the grandmother.

Some time later gradmama died and no one knew. Dante didn't really notice she was dead and the entire time lived with a corpse. Because the rest of the family didn't like them, they never checked in to make sure all was well and no one knew she died. Doesn't help that she lived in the middle of Bumfuck'd Egypt, meaning no close neighbors to report the smell of rotting flesh.

He told me all this before he killed me.

First he knocked me out and kept knocking me out until we arrived to his house. I awoke sitting at a dinner table with him and his grandma (Ugh). It sort of reminded me of the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre because I was tied up so I couldn't move.

Then as we... Well mostly he ate, he told me all about his parents. Never said a word about his grandma being dead. He even talked to her. He told me she was old and couldn't move much and had no will to talk. No shit.

He just kept going on and on about himself. Then he stopped and said, "You don't need to tell me who you are. I know all about you."

Then he went on talking about how he took me to save me and how I was going to be his wife and I'd obey him. Ash believe him when he told her he just wanted to save me from the demon, but you know what? He was just jealous. He didn't want the demon to have me because he wanted me for himself.

When I said I didn't want to be with him he got angry and hit me. He screamed at me to take it back but I told him to go fuck himself. I wasn't going to go from being stalked by an unholy creature to being the "property" of a psycho killer. For a while he was pacing the floor thinking of something to do, then he said, "Ok, I'll give you one last chance. You become my wife and obey me and do as I say or I'll..."

And I interrupted him. "You'll what? Make my life a living hell? Good fucking luck, it already is one."

For a while he just stood there with no look on his face, just staring at me... Then he took a knife to me. Stabbed me over and over and finally cutting my throat.

Then I died and came back to life. According to the MSN convo, the "tall one" (demon) came after Dante with the newly risen me at his side. I don't remember it but I killed Dante and somehow got left behind in West Virginia. Weird.

Even weirder is that I don't have any scars where I was stabbed or where my throat was slashed. :\

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