Friday, January 14, 2011

i'm sorry

when i found out she was here i searched for her.

i wanted to see her.
i found her.
i thought about talking to her but i decided not to.
i watched her from a distance.

she was so pretty. most men want a sick figure girl who wear more makeup than a drag queen but not me. i wanted her. he was on the thicker side and her skin was naturally beautiful.

so pretty.

and that bastard came along and she took to him. i wanted that to be me. me she cuddled up with.

then the bastard put her up in a ratty little motel and vanished and so did she.

when she came back i tried to tell her he was gone. i saw him and the tall on. the tall one killed him.

she was confused. she wanted to know who i was and i told her everything.

she got scared and tried to run and i told her it was dangerous that the tall man is looking for her but she tried to run and i had to stop her.

i didn't want him to have her.

i did it and i'm sorry and now i regret it.

she's with me now. i wrapped her up real nice. the snow kept her cold and now so does the freezer and when the spring comes i'll give her a nice resting spot somewhere in the park. it's pretty there in the spring. not far from the zoo so she can see the animals every day.

i'm sorry. i shouldn't have done it but now she's safe.


  1. good job cody. youve gotten so obsessed, you've killed your love?

  2. uh it wasn't cody i know who it was