Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Reg is a cutie. He has this shaggy brown hair that covers up parts of his angelic face. He looks so innocent all the time, especially when he's looking off into space.

Last night it was so cold. The little heaters we had weren't doing so well (there's still electric in the apartments. The man who owns them knows we're here and he takes pity on us by giving us a few luxuries) so we all snuggled up together for warmth. Right before I fell asleep he kissed me. My first kiss.

Is it wrong to fall for a mentally unstable man? Because I totally am falling for him. ^__^


  1. Don't. If you're being followed, something bad will happen to him. Whatever you do, do not fall for him.

    My best to you.

  2. Also, can your laptop run any IM programs or Skype? It might help to be in direct contact with someone.

  3. Slenderman will go for Reg before you, given his condition.