Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I don't really know where to begin

I guess I start with the beginning.

My name is Janae and I'm from Wilmington.

Last year around September a girl, only about 14 years old showed up in the city. At first no one payed attention to her. To us she was just another homeless chick.

After a while she would talk to people other than the other homeless. She told us her name was Melony but she said to me once that Melony wasn't her real name. Said she changed it because someone was following her.

Most of the time she would sit in a corner of the alley and stare in front of her, rock back and forth and mumble to herself. When she was done doing whatever that was, she'd come out of the alley, beg for some food and head over to Starbucks. She didn't fit in there, considering she was a homeless chick with rags for clothes and a shiny new laptop.

And when she wasn't at Starbucks she was talking to people, telling them crazy stories about ghosts and stalkers.

She liked hanging out with my group of people a lot. You know, the teenagers who were a bit older than her. We took her under our wings and made her into a little, psychotic sister. When we offered her a place to stay she'd quickly reject and say ominus shit like "if i stay with you bad things will happen."

Then a while ago she went missing..................... We couldn't find her until she turned up dead.

And that's where her story ends. Her body was taken by the state and god only knows what happened to it. The little bit of stuff she had was taken and I guess given to Good Will or soemthing like that.

I honestly thought we had nothing left of her, until my friends and I were walking around in this thicket of woods around where she died and we found a bag up in a tall tree.

I made my friend climb up and get it. It was "Melony's" bag. I just found out that her name was Alexa.

I took some pictures of what was in the bag. Click to make them bigger

This is the bag.

This stuff was in a pocket in the bag. Asma inhaler, an ugly bow and $32.

This is Alexa's diary.

The inside cover of the diary.

First entry.

"Miss Martha lied. I'm done with listening..."

"To her."

Sorry, my camera was acting weird.

"Miss Marsha is a bitch shes sending me away"

"Miss Marsha lied. She let a tall man in a suit take me. He said his name was Mr. Roberts. I don't like him. He took me to a place worse than the hospital. There were other kids there and I didn't like it so I ran away."

"Mr. Roberts is following me.'


I have no clue...

"He's the one they talk about. He's the one...."

"I don't like the ghetto."

I lold.

"He shot(?) the other man."

Probably shot. That happens here... A lot...

So after these pages there was nothing. So I flipped through to see if any other were written in and here's what I found.

There were 2 other things in the bag that were tucked away with the diary.

It's an old Victorian picture. I showed it to one of the goth kids from school who's into this stuff. She said he's dead.

She said there's a stand behind him that's pretty much a life sized doll stand.

The stand's base behind his feet.

Also this. An SD card.

The SD card had only 2 things on it. Two audio files.

Since the logins for all of Alexa's accounts are written in the back of the diary, I uploaded the audio to youtube Here and Here

Just thought I'd share this with you.